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Bad marketing

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Today I read an article about a singer Santigold on > Spiegel Online. I never heard about she. The author of the article wrote she is the only true Pop Queen. So, I searched in Google for her and found her website: > On the homepage the video of her new song is integrated. I clicked on it to see it, and I saw “Dieses Video ist in Deutschland leider nicht verfügbar, da es möglicherweise Musik enthält, für die die Musikrechte von der GEMA nicht eingeräumt wurden”. (In English: “Video is not available, since the video is not authorized by the GEMA.”) The reason is that the video was uploaded to YouTube. But, how bad is the marketing? On the homepage of a singer I should be able to see the videos. Other videos on the website are also not available.

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July 20, 2012 at 8:18 pm

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I love to develop Lotus Notes applications, but sometimes…

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Two hours ago I was very frustrated. Some time ago I created a new agent in a Lotus Notes database. I wrote the code and during a Sametime chat, my Domino Designer crashed. I restarted the Designer, but all of my code in the agent was lost. I started to re-implemented the code. I do not know why, but after several lines of code, I have closed the Designer and re-opened it. Then, I wrote some more lines of code. Some times later, my Designer crashed again. I restarted the Designer and all the new code since the last restart of the Designer was lost… 😦  I have saved the code several times before the Designer crashed, since I run the agent several times to test it. I had never before this situation. Normally, I implement the code in a library and do not use an agent interface. But I’m wondering why the saved code was lost after the crash. It is possible that the Domino Designer uses an internal cache?


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July 20, 2012 at 6:51 pm