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Webcast: Organization Next: Managing the Networked Workspace

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Am 26. April veranstaltet das Human Capital Institute einen Webcast, der von Cisco gesponsort wird, mit dem Thema > Organization Next: Managing the Networked Workspace. Aus der Ankündigung:

Social, economic, environmental, and technological forces continuously transform the relationship between organizations and employees. The traditional “workplace” is disappearing, courtesy of globalization, communications, the consumerization of IT, and recent market upheavals. In its place is a “workspace” that is more social, more virtual and more mobile. This new workspace is also more transitory, as employees skeptical of lifetime employment find themselves increasingly joined by contingent staff and outsourcing partners.

  • How should my organization position and ready itself for change?
  • What type of capabilities and collaborative operating models are needed?
  • How can the strengths each generation brings be leveraged?
  • How can communities and social networking contribute towards a more agile and high-performing organization?
  • What role will technology play in this transformation?

Mehr Informationen: > Organization Next: Managing the Networked Workspace

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