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Daimlers CIO about the Microsoft Deal

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On the german > Automotive IT website is an > interview with Daimlers CIO Dr. Michael Gorriz about the Microsoft deal. He explains that they calculate to get a positive Business Case in five years.

Gorriz: […] Wenn wir allein die IT-Kosten rechnen, gehen wir in einem Betrachtungszeitraum von fünf Jahren von einem positiven Business Case aus. Was wir nicht eingerechnet haben, sind Effizienzverluste durch den Wechsel auf eine neue Umgebung. Und die Effizienzgewinne, die der Wechsel auf eine schnellere und voll integrierte Umgebung mit sich bringt.

He explains that 10 % of all users (180.000) work intensive with documents. These users will save one or two minutes each day, since it is possible to find documents with the desktop search faster. Further users which use web conferences or other communication tools will save five minutes each day. These seven minutes each day means high savings in five years.

Gorriz: Wir haben Modellrechnungen gemacht und die Nutzer in verschiedene Klassen eingeteilt. Da gibt es eine Klasse von etwa 10 Prozent der Nutzer, die sehr intensiv mit Dokumenten umgehen. Und die sehr intensiv mit Onlinemedien und Onlineverfahren arbeiten.

Hier sparen wir mehrere Minuten: Weil die Kollegen beispielsweise mit Hilfe der Desktopsuche Dokumente schneller finden, rechnen wir mit ein bis zwei Minuten am Tag. Mit dem Aufbau von Webkonferenzen und der Nutzung anderer Communication-Werkzeuge rechnen wir noch einmal mit fünf Minuten pro Tag. Bei 180 000 Mitarbeitern auf fünf Jahre gerechnet addieren sich diese Minuten zu hohen Einsparungen.

He explains further that the users have to work with the Microsoft Outlook client (for e-mailing) and the IBM Lotus Notes client for the existing applications.

Gorriz: Zu einem Zeitpunkt X wechseln wir von Lotus auf Outlook. Und: wir werden weiterhin beide Clients auf dem Desktop haben. Sowohl Lotus-Notes als auch die Sharepoint-Oberfläche. Die bestehenden Notes-Applikationen werden wir weiterhin mit Lotus Notes nutzen können. Allerdings nicht mehr den Mail-Client, sondern nur noch die Notes-Applikationen.

Further, he explains that Daimler will not use the cloud offering from Microsoft for the Exchange usage.

AutomotiveIT: Aber es ist nicht Microsoft und deren Cloud-Angebot?

Gorriz: Nein.

Of course, I like Lotus Notes and I’m not working for Daimler, but the explanations are unconvincing for me. If you save at most seven minutes a day, means this that you can use this time for other useful work? Or are the setup costs for these work higher? Further, the users have to work with two different clients instead of using one client.

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October 6, 2010 at 10:59 pm

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  1. wie viele Stunden am Tag müssen die IT-Abteilungen und Administratoren zusätzlich arbeiten, er hat nicht gesagt!
    Was wird die Umstellung kosten? (In Stundenlohn), er hat nicht gesagt!

    chris maier

    October 7, 2010 at 12:44 am

  2. Da fehlt der wichtigste Teil. Zufriedenheit mit der IT und deren Produkten.

    Volker Weber

    October 7, 2010 at 12:53 am

  3. I wish I had the opportunity to speak with this Exec. If his standards are so low as a savings of 7 minutes a day can make a deal we could have saved him a lot more by showing him how his people can get more from their current investment in Notes that is already on their desktop. My of our customers report consistent savings of up to an hour a day, every day.

    Eric Mack

    October 7, 2010 at 2:57 am

  4. Not being German, I rely on google translation to help me here, so apologies in advance. Anyway, I read the original article (translated), and it just sounds nothing short of ludicrous.

    The article also says they have not included efficiency losses during migration. So, they have totally excluded the difficulties people will face over the migration period. Not really a holistic view considering how anal Dr Gorriz is about measuring improvement. What happens if someone has between 7-28 minutes/day of efficiency losses ?

    That 5 year payback period starts to become 10 doesn’t it.

    If he still gets a positive cashflow and has included the cost for running Domino servers and Notes clients for applications, (for upto 7 years!), whilst they migrate apps then he is “the Dr”! This guy should be my accountant.

    This sort of stuff is priceless.

    Google translation here :


    October 7, 2010 at 4:23 am

  5. The arguments aired here reaps advaiya to me. I met advaiya at another Notes customer 1½Y ago and met the exact same arguments there. I don’t know if advaiya or another company with the same agenda was used at Daimler, but I see no company recommend staus quo anywhere – they are in the money.

    A lot of hot air on the alleged productivity enhancements in doing things the Microsoft way – comparing Notes 7 or earlier with Outlook 2010. Save a minute here three there. A lot of false assumptions with minimum to no empirical evidence supporting it. Of course it is not simpler to switch from Outlook to SharePoint to OCS to Notes than just doing everything from one aggregated context.

    Microsoft at TechEd 2009 had a presentation on the efficient organization and how spending more on Microsoft software would lead to more profits. An apparent eternity machine of doing well if you just buy more from MS. They had to go all the way to Brazil to find a single customer able to and willing to speak about what they did. Again a lot of hot air. The efficient organization realize that Microsoft is a one way streat towards increased IT spend and reduced ROI.

    Gartner praised Lotus’ plugin model and how we support collaboration in context over Microsoft’s approach in a 2009 paper, and are even enthusiastic about how we plan to carry this further in Project Vulcan.
    This Daimler decision is really sad in the light of this – the employees will have a mess on their hands, and support for a document centric paradigm that Gartner calls a paradigm of the past.

    After trying for 1½Y to find money and financial viability in actually carrying out the migration, my customer has stopped the Microsoft migration project and are now looking at how they can upgrade their Lotus environment instead.

    BTW did I mention that advaiya is a company that do BVA’s for Microsoft with 50-100% funding from Microsoft. Look them up on the Internet. What is the chance a company like this would ever suggest anything but Microsoft?

    Niels Jørgen Hansen

    October 7, 2010 at 10:20 am

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