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New release of NewsReader: All-in-one: Atom/RSS and Twitter

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Since last week the new release 9.6 of the > PAVONE NewsReader is available. The main difference to the release 9.5 is the > Twitter support. This means, that you can subscribe besides to your Atom or RSS feeds to your Twitter feeds.

The NewsReader is not a fully feature Twitter client for Lotus Notes as the > Twitter client by Thomas Adrian or the > TwitNotes plugin by Mikkel Heisterberg. With the NewsReader you can only subscribe to Twitter users. Since the preferred area is the usage in companies, the administrators can decide which users should be followed. So he can creates a new feed document in the NewsReader and enter the uri of the Twitter user, which should be followed. After that he can refresh the feed and gets the tweets of the user. Since the NewsReader contains a sidebar plugin it is possible to get the tweets into the Lotus Notes sidebar.

You can download the PAVONE NewsReader on the > download page. It is free for personal use in a Lotus Notes client.

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May 24, 2010 at 11:47 pm

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