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PAVONElive: Software as a Service for Workflow and Project Management

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Since last week > PAVONElive is available as beta version. It is a service for activity management, workflow and project management. From the > press release:

PAVONElive consists of four modular components: Workflo, project, activity, and document management.

Workflow Management optimizes enterprise business processes with a customizable web-based workflow platform with graphical modeling, simulation, and an analysis tool kit.

Document Management provides a variety of options to store, archive, categorize, and manage documents. It is a browser-based, central document management repository for all types of office documents, whether they were created in Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.Org, IBM Lotus Symphony, or other software packages.

Activities Management organizes personal and team activities quickly and intuitively. It puts the right content in the right context. This enables information discovery, re-use, and sharing in projects.

Project Management gives an overview of the current projects in the pipeline. It provides project planning, documentation, reporting, and address management functionalities. This is a straight-forward and easily managed tool kit, keeping project information current in one centralized place.

You can test it on >

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September 26, 2009 at 7:58 pm

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