Rolf Kremer

IBM Lotus Symphony or Microsoft Works?

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On my new laptop > Microsoft Works 9.0 was installed. It contains some applications (Start center, database, calendar, spreadshirt, word processing). The functionality of the word processing application is adequate for a home worker. Today, I downloaded and installed the new > IBM Lotus Symphony 1.3 application, which contains a word processing, presentation and spreadshirt application. Of course, Microsoft Works is not free of charge, but since it is pre-installed on the laptop I feel it is free of charge for me. It has a nice Start center (portal) with lot of templates. Templates are a thing which I missed in IBM Lotus Symphony. Further, it has an easy Project management (or better task management) application, which is adequate to start the personal task management.

Written by rkremer

June 11, 2009 at 9:31 pm

Posted in Lotus Notes

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