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Book Review: Seamless Teamwork

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Some weeks ago I bought the book > Seamless Teamwork from > Michael Sampson. The reason was, that I had very less knowledge about > Microsoft Sharepoint. Since I know Michael Sampson’s name from different blogs, I was curious about how he describes Sharepoint. Further, it was interesting to see what are the differences to IBM products.

My first surprise was the price of the book. I bought it on the Amazon site and they calculated the € price with the valid exchange rate to $. So, I paid less than 20 €. This was cheap.

The book has 277 pages and ten chapters. Further you can get two more chapters online. With a coupon code mentioned in the book can you download the chapters for free.

The book tells the story about Roger Lengel, a manager at Fourth Coffee, a coffee chain based in the U.S. Roger is the project lead of a project, called Project Delta, and should lead a virtual team. The project is the first project in the company that should be managed with Sharepoint.

The book starts with a declaration why Sharepoint is qualified for this project. Afterwards, it describes several more topics. Some of these are:

  • how you can initiate a project with Sharepoint,
  • how you can set up Sharepoint for the project,
  • how you can use a Team Wiki,
  • how to set up the team and set permissions,
  • how to handle tasks,
  • how to share and organize documents,
  • how to handle brainstormings with OneNote,
  • how to set up meetings,
  • how to making decisions with simple workflows.
  • how to use Sharepoint offline,
  • how to create blogs and e-mail alerts,
  • how to set up a calendar for a meeting (chapter 11),
  • how to get business value with Sharepoint (chapter 12).

So, the book describes mainly the information management and team coordination of a project. Most topics are described step by step and with many screenshots. The speech is generally understandable and easy to read. Besides reading the book from first page until last page, you can use the book as a reference, if you have questions about a specific topic. If you look for a book about Sharepoint for beginners I can recommended it.

Written by rkremer

April 26, 2009 at 8:09 pm

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  1. Thanks for your review Rolf … much appreciated.

    My best to you,
    Michael Sampson

    Michael Sampson

    April 27, 2009 at 4:54 am

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