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Sunny day in Dublin

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Today was a very sunny day in Dublin. It was not too hot as in Germany but the sky was nearly without clouds. Since it was a bank holiday (as every first monday in june) almost all people were in the city. In Dublin city was a Mini Marathon for women with about 40.000 participants. Besides the marathon the weekend was the Dublin Maritim Festival in the docklands. And of couse you could eat a germany sausage (‘Rostbratwurst’) for 5 euros. In Germany a Rostbratwurst costs nearly 2 up to 3 euros. Dublin is very expansive… Yesterday several Lufthansa flights had some problems since a failure in the software system produced a breakdown in the Lufthansa software system. Many flights (as my) were delayed.

Written by rkremer

June 3, 2008 at 12:46 am

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