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Workflow Management on IBM Lotus Notes / Domino or Java EE

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A new white paper about workflow management on IBM Lotus Notes / Domino and Java EE platforms is available. Abstract:

PAVONE Espresso Workflow is one of the longest-existing process management solutions on the market for the IBM Lotus Notes / Domino platform. It enables you to create human-interaction workflows very easily, providing two graphical modeling tools to this end: the PAVONE ProcessModeler allows you to create process definitions, and the PAVONE OrganizationModeler allows you to define organizational structures.
In addition to these tools, PAVONE Espresso Workflow includes a runtime engine that is responsible for the routing of process tasks. As of severalmonths ago, PAVONE Espresso Workflow is also available for Java EE platforms. This paper provides you with an overview of the concepts involved in designinghuman-interaction workflows for the IBM Lotus Notes / Domino or Java EE platforms. It provides you with information about the architecture, designand benefits of PAVONE Espresso Workflow.

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September 8, 2007 at 2:12 pm

Using of DXL

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The last days I worked with DXL in IBM Lotus Notes/Domino. With the NotesDXLExporter class it is easy to export a complete database, document collection or a document into a xml file. In the Lotus Sandbox I found an interesting demo database which shows the usage of the NotesDXL* classes. Unfortunately, if you want to export a subset of a Notes document it is difficult. I tried to export the selected documents from a view, but only some fields of a document. But, everytime the NotesDXLExporter exports the full Notes document. If you try to export several Notes documents in one xml file, the NotesDXLExporter class generates the <xml version.. line before each Notes document. You can not delete the line, you have to read the file as NotesStream, search for the line, remove it and then re-write the whole text without the line again. With some little properties more, the NotesDXLExporter class will be very useful.

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September 5, 2007 at 8:16 pm

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