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Usage of RSS reader in the Lotus Notes 8 Beta client

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The new Lotus Notes 8 Beta client has a built-in RSS reader. It is a litte RSS reader with a small set of functionalities.

But I like it, since it does not disturb the user interface. You can minimze or resize it to the height you want. If you have only a small set of feeds, it works very well for me. Unfortunately, the window handling of the news window is not good. You have to close the news window separately. Mostly I use another RSS reader application in the Lotus Notes 8 Beta client. If you have many feeds it is easier to navigate through the news. Further you can read the complete news text with images. Since the RSS reader has an own tab on the top of the window you can open it very fast every time.

Written by rkremer

May 14, 2007 at 8:42 pm

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